Are you gearing up for a dinner invitation for close friends or family? Do you make wine that you want to enjoy with people who share your appreciation for the beverage? Gassy has perfected the art and science of convenient, fast, and effective wine degassing. Read more below to learn about the importance of degassing your wine and how it enhances the taste.

Maximize Your Wine’s Freshness

If you’ve ever wondered why some wine you’ve purchased doesn’t taste as smooth as you’ve imagined, there’s a reason for that. Since wine is a fermented beverage, that means the reaction between the yeast and sugar within it naturally produces carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide is what gives certain drinks the signature bubbly texture, but in most cases, this is unwanted in wine.

Improve Aroma and Taste

Carbon dioxide is a naturally-occurring gas and it’s produced as a result of the yeast and sugar that’s part of the fermentation process. By removing the carbon dioxide from wine, also known as degassing, it restores a wine’s natural taste and aromatic characteristics.

Unless you’re making or serving sparkling wine, carbon dioxide will only mask the flavor experience you and your guests want. Excess gas tends to create a slightly acidic and almost metallic taste in wine, and the scent of your drink will be compromised too. Our wine degassing vacuum pumps remove these unwanted characteristics so you can partake in a maximally flavorful wine experience.

Impress Your Guests

Nothing says a savvy host like having a delicious dinner cooked in advance, all the way down to a wine that pairs effortlessly with the meal. By utilizing our wine degassing vacuum pumps, you can offer your guests a five-star meal that serves up a magnificent palate adventure.

When it’s time to break out your favorite drinks for a celebration, party, or another event, you deserve to enjoy them in the fullest capacity possible. Browse our wine pumps today and select one that speaks to your needs and preferences. Email us if you have any questions or run into issues!