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Why Do I Need a Wine Degassing Vacuum Pump

Do you notice bubbles in your wine even when the bubbler atop your carboy has stopped? Just like soda, having the right amount of Carbon dioxide (CO2) in your wine is crucial to taste. Too little, it will taste flat, but too much and it will have an prickly taste on your palate. Right after fermentation, your wine is going to have too  much CO2 as your wine transitions to clarifying because CO2 is produced by yeast as a natural product of fermentation . If you don't remove some CO2 early enough in the process, then your wine may not clarify resulting in it being cloudy and may also be perceived as being bad due to an acidy taste.

If you degas your batch of wine right after fermentation to a level where some C02, is still present while not "stirring up" sediment, your wine will clarify much faster, and the C02 levels can further naturally reduce until you reach the desired flavor profile. 

Wine Degassing Vacuum Pump

The Gassy Grape wine degassing vacuum pump helps you reduce your C02 levels to prior to clarifying. The pump applies a vacuum to reduce the pressure in the carboy which encourages the C02 bubbles to expand in the wine which makes them to rise to the surface and out of the carboy. The process continues as long as there is an avenue for the gas to escape from the surface of the wine. Gassy Grape pumps are compact vacuum pumps perfectly suited for the winemaker. Just plug the pump into an electrical outlet, insert the bung into your carboy, connect the tubing to the pump, flip the switch and you are degassing...hands-free in seconds! Available in standard or pro versions.

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